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Anime Garage Sale

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Welcome all....
The constapated funky chunky monkey made me do it officer, I swear!

My two friends (Jessica and Natasha) and I have come together to sell some stuff. It's not a huge collection, but expect a bit more than when I just had it up. ^.^;
I'm getting around to getting pictures of everything I swear! I'll probably do it tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the next day...Haha, we'll see. ^___^
Hello there! You seem to have stumbled across my webpage. XD This webpage is really about me having a little (on-line) garage sale. It has come to my attention that I keep updating my LJ and the list just keeps getting longer and longer, so I thought I'd make a little site for it. ^_^
I'm trying to save money or find things for my cospaly. Whoo.
I've got a bunch of stuff that I'm selling (I have way more, but this is all the time I've had to list...)
So please feel free to request pictures.

I'll update this site frequently, so check back often. ^_^ <3
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What's New?

12/02/05 - Added a few new things, not much...
11/26/05 - Added a JRock section with some things.
11/26/05 - Added to manga and magazines and clothes.
11/09/05 - Added a bunch of new things in every category. Check back soon for more!

If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask! <3